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Changing the Tumblr theme has a lot of steps but its doable

  1. After you have purchased and downloaded your file from the shoppe go to the location on your computer
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Click extract
  4. Open the extracted file folder
  5. Right click the Tumblr page name
  6. Left click the Open with Notepad
  7. Select all of the code
  8. Copy all of the selected code
  9. Login to your tumblr and click Edit Appearance
  10. Click Edit theme button
  11. Click Edit HTML – don’t worry because this is the exact same code you already copied!
  12. Select all of the existing code and get rid of it with the backspace key, then paste your copied code
  13. Click Update Preview button
  14. Click Save
  15. Now click the camera icons and upload the corresponding name to complete the design
  16. You’ll find the images in the same file folder in the images sub-folder
  17. Select the image and click Open
  18. Repeat camera clicks and upload all of the images
  19. When finished click Save button
  20. Visit your Tumblr page and you should be done!