After your free hosting is set up and confirmed you can set up WordPress or Joomla. The steps are similar either way but I’m focusing this one on WordPress though you can set up Joomla in the same way.

  1. From your control panel click the Zacky tools installer
  2. Select WordPress (or Joomla)
  3. You can select one of the templates shown (optional) or skip it and click the Next button
  4. Select any starter plugins (optional) or just click Next to continue
  5. Set your domain – pick a free subdomain if you don’t have a purchased domain or you can register a paid domain name
  6. Enter the title for your web site
  7. Continue below to set your email address, login name and information for your website
  8. Click the next button then the Install button and your WordPress/Joomla website will be ready in a moment!
  9. A confirmation will pop up that your website was installed
  10. Unless you selected an optional template you will see the default design. Use the WordPress or Joomla pages on this support to change it
  11. To change your website you’ll need to save your login link and enter your information
  12. The wordpress admin panel shows where to change the design