Get yourself a drink and settle in, this is going to take some time and effort. Or just pay me and I’ll get it all done turnkey, as in you just fill in your own content in the next to last step. These docs should help even the least experienced figure it out. For the record a domain name is a web address like

Domain & Hosting

Step 1: You need to sign up for hosting and get a domain name. You can get started with the free hosting plan via Frozen Peach Hosting and upgrade it later. You can start with a free subdomain and get a paid one later, or purchase a paid hosting plan and get a free domain name! There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all premium hosting plans so there’s nothing to lose!

WordPress & CMS

Step 2: If you’ve never made a website before it’s really not too hard anymore. Thanks to WordPress and other available CMS you’re up and running in just a few clicks! The zacky installer is totally visual and takes you through the setup in just minutes!

Add style

Step 3: Your CMS is set up on your hosting at your domain name but it needs style, am I right? You can find lots of free and decently priced themes (and stock photos) especially in the Frozen Peach Shoppe

No worries, its super easy to change the style with just a click!

Add your own stuff and publish it

Step 4: Now that you have the web site up and running with style its time to add your own content and publish!

Step 5: If you’re not sure what to do with the default editor you can set up a drag & drop page editor in WordPress. Plenty of free options you can find in the plugins repository.

The website build is now complete, but don’t forget regular maintenance and updates! You’ll need to change information on the website from time to time.