All of the photos you see in the stock photo shoppe were taken with a regular digital camera. Sure, smartphones are convenient for a quick snap for online sharing (like a recent selfie I got with the Wienermobile) but I feel like I have more control and better post production editing with a regular camera. I still use the auto modes since I’ve never been schooled in photography but I spent a semester working with photoshop as part of my online web design schooling so I really know how to make them pop (enhance the contrast and other minor edits).

When recording video for post production I put my regular digital camera on a tripod, something I can never do with a smartphone. I use either my laptop or desktop for all post production work where the smartphone has limited apps & filters. I’ve never attempted to create a slideshow set to music on my phone and I only do a basic edit for smartphone video (like getting rid of a brief moment).

If I’m out walking or biking and plan to go into stores or eat somewhere it’s not as convenient to take my bulky bridge Nikon camera. Sometimes I’ll take my camera and my phone. The Moto G phone I’ve been using has a 13 MP camera but nowhere near the zoom my 16 MP Nikon Coolpix digital has so its harder to shoot certain things on a smartphone like young children and most pets – they never stay still unless they’re asleep! I still think my Nikon is a much better camera in most cases. I get way more compliments for photos I’ve taken with my regular digital camera than I ever have for taking them on a smartphone.